These are few of the commonly asked questions that we receive. Please feel free to contact one of our team members if you have specific questions.

Q:  Do you provide dermatology care for patients covered under a Medicare or Medicaid plan?

A:  Yes, we provide dermatology care for anyone who has this type of healthcare coverage . Typically, a referral is required from your primary care provider for dermatology services if you participate with a Medicaid plan. Medicare patients do not require a referral for dermatology coverage.

Q:  How long will my appointment take?

A:  It may vary, but generally speaking, the time spent at your appointment will be based the type and amount of concerns that you are having. Please keep in mind that we are a specialist office, we value your time and you. Although the wait to see the healthcare provider may be longer than desired at times, we value the time that you spend with us. We cannot always predict the amount of time that your appointment will take as we focus on each concern that our patients have. If you request a skin exam and a biopsy is recommended, we typically provide this service on the same day.

Q:  Who performs my treatment?

A:  We have a dedicated team of dermatology trained healthcare professionals to include physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Each of them has a profound medical experience and degree. Also, we have nurses and medical assistants on our clinic’s team to assist in your care. Our staff has the expertise and will strive to provide a timely, efficient dermatology care for all of our patients!

Q:  Why is visiting the dermatologist so important?

A:   Visiting the dermatologist on a regular basis will not only help keep your skin health in tact. It may also help keep the rest of your body healthy.

Dermatology Care is important because:
  • Skin cancer is easier to treat when found early
  • Skin cancer prevention
  • Improve overall appearance
  • Skin care regimen can help improve skin texture
  • Many skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema need monitoring for best treatment results
Q:  I think that I need a biopsy, how long will it take to get my results?

A:    We make every effort to ensure that you do not have to schedule an additional appointment for biopsy, which means we perform biopsies the same day as your skin exam visit. If indeed a biopsy is performed , we will utilize the services of an outside lab to obtain pathology results (please notify us of your designated lab). Results may take two weeks to be reported, one of our dedicated pathology coordinators will call with results and can schedule additional treatment(if required).

Q:  How can I contact Georgia Skin & Cancer Clinic with questions about my care?

A:  Medical Questions Regarding your Care: We have a team of medical support professionals that are dedicated to taking patient calls Monday- Thursday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  The phone support team receives many calls in a day’s time so calls are prioritized. If your call is not of an urgent nature, please allow 24 hours for a return call. You may be asked to leave a message for the medical support team, we strive to return these calls as soon as possible. Contact 1-800-599-0067 for assistance with any of the Georgia Skin & Cancer Clinic locations.

Q:   As an established patient, who should I call with non-life threatening emergencies?

A:    Emergency Calls:  In the event of a non -life threatening emergency  during normal business hours , please call our main  office (1-800-599-0067) and notify us of the emergency .  For non-life threatening emergencies after hours please contact our main office as listed above to be issued further call instructions on how to reach Dr. Sidney Smith via his mobile number.  For critical life threatening  emergencies , please call 911 or report to the emergency room.

Q:   How do I obtain prescription refills?

A:     Prescription Refills: If you need a refill on a prescription previously given by office, we ask that you contact your pharmacy directly and they will contact us with the refill request. This process ensures that you request will be handled promptly. Our medical support team will issue the request to the healthcare provider for authorization and will send the prescription back to the pharmacy. Please allow 48 hours for refills.

Q:   Why do I need a prior authorization?

A:    Many times your insurance carrier will require a prior authorization for treatments. Unfortunately, We have little control over this process as your insurance plan sets the criteria. We have team members that are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the requested treatment. Many times this involves completing  and faxing forms, lengthy phone calls and emails. Please allow 7-10 days for prior authorizations , we make every effort to streamline this process to ensure the best outcome. You may be asked to schedule a nurses visit to include you in this process and to obtain additional information to ensure you receive the desired treatment. We understsand that this process can be frustrating but know that we are here for you , and will take every measure to ensure that you receive the prescribed treatment.

Q:  Are Co-pays due at each office visit?

A:    Yes, We are under contract with your insurance company and are required to take co-payments at each visit.