About us

About us

Georgia Skin & Cancer Clinic Providers

Our dermatology clinic was founded in 1995 by Sidney P. Smith, MD, who instilled the following key attributes into Georgia Skin & Cancer Clinic:

Connection: Dr. Sidney P. Smith makes his personal cell phone number accessible to every patient. We have a team of nurses and medical assistants that work full time at our call center to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have.
Service: Our providers volunteer and organize numerous free skin cancer screenings at businesses, churches and other various community events. We participate in many community programs for uninsured less fortunate patients. We volunteer our services to these patients. We openly consult and make our team accessible to other practices to promote dermatology education. In fact, we routinely host medical conferences and educational meetings that are open to all persons interested in dermatological health.
Patient First: Our clinic does not believe in limiting the amount of your dermatological concerns that we will address at your visit. If it concerns you then it concerns us. We offer same day service, if your exam reveals that a biopsy is needed, we do the biopsy. We know that your time is important and that additional office visits and co-pays are burdensome. We offer multiple office locations in order to make care more accessible and convenient to all those in need.
Georgia Skin & Cancer Clinic

Medical Team

Proudly Serving All Locations
Proudly Serving Jesup & Waycross

Proudly Serving Richmond Hill, Rincon & Savannah
JULIE                                          MATTOX,                    MSN, APRN, FNP-BC
Proudly Serving Douglas & Baxley
Proudly Serving Pooler & Savannah
 KAREN             PENROSE,                       MSN, APRN, FNP-BC
Proudley Serving Statesboro/Brooklet & Savannah

 KAREN             PENROSE,                       MSN, APRN, FNP-BC
Proudley Serving Statesboro/Brooklet & Savannah
CHRIS              ANDERSON,            MSN, APRN, ANP-BC
Proudly Serving Savannah, Rincon & Hardeeville
COURTNEY         JOHNSON,                       MSN, APRN, FNP-C
Proudly Serving Hilton Head, Pooler & Savannah
BETH                                        BARLET,                        MHS, PA-C
Proudly Serving Hardeeville & Hilton Head

TONY                 CANFIELD,                MPAS, PA-C
Proudly Serving Brunswick, Savannah & Statesboro
Bill                          Stephens,                              MHS, PA-C
Proudly Serving Hampton & Walterboro
REBECCA                    DARROUDI,                          MHS, PA-C
Proudly Serving South Carolina & Georgia

Why choose the Georgia Skin & Cancer Clinic?

Easy booking

Booking an appointment at our clinic is convenient and we accept most insurance plans.We offer a free scheduling APP that allows you to manage your appointments.


Our healthcare team has vast experience in dermatology and are always up to date on the newest treatments and technologies. Our combined experience allows you to rest assured that you will receive the very best medical care.


We have multiple conveniently located offices to better exceed your needs.We offer early morning and late afternoon appointments to fit your schedule. We are dedicated to ensuring that receiving care is convenient.


We understand the needs of our patients vary, for that reason we offer a variety of specialized treatment modalities. Our specialty is caring for you and all of your skin health needs.

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